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Curriculum Vitae

Gregory A Book


West Hartford, CT 06110

H (860) 236-3836

C (860) 803-5627

"gbook" .,  AT .,  "gbook.org"



University of ConnecticutStorrs, CT

Dec 2010

Masters of Science – Biomedical Engineering, GPA 3.99

Thesis: Computational Evaluation of Aortic Valve Geometry

University of ConnecticutStorrs, CT

May 2002

BS in Engineering – Computer Science & Engineering



Hartford HospitalHartford, CT

Apr 2004 – Present

Imaging Analyst – Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center (Aug 2008 – Present)

· Performed analysis of fMRI data using statistical parametric mapping, group ICA, structural analysis including DTI

· Created web-based system to automate the analyses applied to tens of thousands of fMRI datasets using SPM, Matlab, Perl, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, and the Sun Grid Engine

· Built PACS-like MRI data storage system to store and distribute over 200,000 MRI datasets in Dicom, Nifti, & Analyze formats and do quality checks on data

· Assisted with design of server cluster to manage 100TB of research data

· Developed game of dominos, written in C++ and OpenGL, to be played simultaneously by participants in two different MRI scanners.

Within the Department of Neurosurgery: (July 2010 – Present)

· Created surgical navigation plans using StealthVis mapping system and extracted stimulation coordinates from navigation system during awake craniotomies

EEG Lab Manager/RA – Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center (Apr 2004 – Aug 2008)

· Managed EEG lab, including hiring and managing 3 research assistants. Performed EEGs/ERPs on subjects

· Used Matlab, C++, and Perl to create internal applications to analyze MRI data

· Wrote abstracts and manuscripts from analyzed data

· Created automated system for generating ERP analyses with Perl/ERPSS

· Performed MRIs on Seimens Allegra 3T scanner, performed maintenance on scanner, created pulse sequences

· Taught other RAs Perl, Matlab, bash and other programming concepts


Travelers InsuranceHartford, CT

May 1999 – Apr 2004

Software Engineer

· Created application in C++ for creating maps from geospatial data

· Created geolocation/geographic search utility to replace $250,000/yr application

· Created application to convert Word documents into single PDF document

· Database maintenance, Perl scripts, ASP applications against SQL Server database


Web Development ServicesNew York, NY

Dec 1998 – Jan 2002


Created WebOffice virtual office using Perl and Apache on a Unix system; with login, scheduler, calendar, address book, admin functions, file manager, email system

Designed Oracle database, multi-office support, server security


University of ConnecticutStorrs, CT

Sep 2000 – May 2001

Tutor – School of Engineering

· Tutored students in upper-level computer science, chemistry, and math courses


University of ConnecticutWest Hartford, CT

Apr 2004 – Present

Computer Technician – MBA Program

· Maintained MBA program’s database application, computers, and projectors

· Migrated printed forms into Word documents for mail merge through VB


· Book GA, Wang Q, Ortiz S, Primiano C, McKay R, Sun W, Dimensional Analysis of Aortic Valve Geometry from Clinical 64-Slice MSCT Scans: A Comparison of Methods, Submitted to The Journal of Heart Valve Disease, December 2010

· Andrews MM, Meda SA, Thomas AD, Potenza MN, Krystal JH, Worhunsky P, Stevens MC, O'Malley S, Book GA, Reynolds B, Pearlson GD., Individuals Family History Positive for Alcoholism Show Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Differences in Reward Sensitivity That Are Related to Impulsivity Factors, Biological Psychiatry, in press

· Tolin DF, Kiehl KA, Worhunsky P, Book GA, Maltby N., An exploratory study of the neural mechanisms of decision making in compulsive hoarding, Psychological Medicine, 2009. 39(2): p. 325-326


· G.A. Book, M.C. Stevens, G. Pearlson, K.A. Kiehl - Fusion of fMRI and the Pupil Response During an Auditory Oddball Task - 2008 Conference of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society

· L.A. Miller, M. Assaf, G.A. Book, G. Pearlson - Face Building: An fMRI investigation of brain activation of faces versus houses, objects, and patterns in individuals with high functioning autism - 2008 Conference of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society

· G.A. Book, A.D. Thomas, M.R. Johnson, J.L. Hylton, M.M. Andrews, M. Assaf, G.D. Pearlson. - Reward Processing in Social Competitive Task in Subjects with Familial History of Alcoholism - International Conference on Applications of Neuroimaging to Alcoholism (ICANA) January 2008

· M. M. Andrews, S. A. Meda, G. Book, J. L. Hylton, A. D. Thomas, M. Potenza, P. Worhunsky, M. C. Stevens G. D. Pearlson - Differences In Reward Circuit Activation In People With a Family History Of Alcoholism - International Conference on Applications of Neuroimaging to Alcoholism (ICANA) January 2008

· A. L. Byrd, M. S. Shane, G. A. Book, E. Mulder, R. E. Kahn, O. Antonenko, K. A. Kiehl - Response Inhibition as a Protective Factor against Incarceration in Those High and Low in Psychopathic Traits - Presented at the April 2007 conference of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy (SSSP)


· Migraine Pathogenesis Gregory A Book. Presented at Olin Data Talks September 25, 2007

· Putting Neurobiological Models of OCD to the Test - An fMRI Study of Specifity and Response to Treatment – Nicholas Maltby, Patrick Worhunsky, Gregory A. Book, Kent A. Kiehl, David F. Tolin

· Introduction to Perl ProgrammingGregory A Book. Presented at Olin Center, August 2006


· fMRI of Brain Activation During Menstrual Migraine – Departmental award from Olin Center, July 2006


Aortic Valve Models from 64-slice Cardiac CT Data – UConn Master’s Thesis

Used active appearance models and high dimensional warping to extract FEMs of valve surfaces and find differences in shape.

Medical Image Viewer (MIView) – Independent project - http://gbooksoft.com

Created an open source, multi-threaded medical image viewer in C++ to view and manipulate DICOM, Analyze, and Nifti formats. Implemented using OpenGL, GLSL, wxWidgets. Implemented volume rendering, maximum intensity projection, and 4D views.

MRI Data Request System – Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center

System used to reconstruct data from the MRI scanner into several data formats for use in SPM and other analyses. Created a web based, PACS-like storage and data request system for users to search and request over 13TB (90,000,000 files) of MRI data.

fMRI study of Menstrual Migraine – Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center

Began a project studying cortical spreading depression (CSD) at the onset of migraine in women. Created high-resolution 128x128x34 slice EPI pulse sequence and fMRI experiment. Awarded $8,955 to scan 15 subjects.

Eye-Gaze Tracking System – UConn, senior project

Designed and implemented simple gaze tracking system. Built the camera apparatus and wrote multithreaded interface program. Developed basic iris-finding algorithm


Concepts: Surgical navigation systems ∙ fMRI analysis ∙ EEG/ERP analysis ∙ pupillary response and eye gaze analysis ∙ data analysis using ICA & PCA ∙ Management skills ∙ Image analysis ∙ Experimental design ∙ Engineering methods ∙ Diagnostic/analytic skills ∙ Teaching/mentoring skills ∙ Large-scale software engineering ∙ MRI/medical imaging principles ∙ IRB process ∙ 3D graphics programming ∙ PACS

Software: Windows ∙ Linux ∙ Solaris ∙ MS Office ∙ Visual C++ ∙ IIS ∙ Apache ∙ Matlab ∙ SQL Server ∙ Oracle ∙ DirectX SDK ∙ MySQL ∙ Visual Studio.Net ∙ PageMaker ∙ SPM ∙ VAPP/CIRC ∙ ERPSS ∙ digitize ∙ E-prime ∙ Presentation ∙ IDS5 ∙ HyperMesh

Programming Languages: C ∙ C++ ∙ Visual Basic ∙ Perl ∙ CGI ∙ VB.Net ∙ ASP ∙ .Net ∙ SQL ∙ HTML ∙ JavaScript ∙ Pascal ∙ Java ∙ OpenGL ∙ MFC ∙ PostScript ∙ PHP ∙ Matlab ∙ IDL ∙ wxWidgets ∙ GL Shading Language ∙ HLSL ∙ Cg ∙ AJAX ∙ VTK



“Most Evil”, EEG Technician – Aired on Discovery Channel, July 2006

“Addicted to Hoarding”, MRI Operator – Aired on ABC Good Morning America Weekend, February 2006


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