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Sunday, 31 January 2010 21:27

Many projects on this site are from the past, but I'm only just now posting them on this website. This one is one of the earlier work projects that is worthy of posting online. Most of the work I did at Travelers wasn't terribly interesting. It was mainly ASP programming for internal websites and databases. But I found one opportunity to experiment with geo-location, or at least providing a list of the closest vendors to a given zip code. I found some data from the Post Office which provided latitude/longitude for zip codes and it worked pretty well, but I also found some street address data from the US Census Bureau's Tiger Line files. From this data I experimented with drawing street maps. It was common practice back in 2001 to generate web based maps, but I wanted to give it a shot myself.

After finding a source of free geographic data from the Census Bureau, I found I could make street maps with the data as well. Some of the material I created may be copyrighted by Travelers, so I've limited this section to just results of the map project.
I came across the Census Bureau's data while I was looking for a source of data from which to create driving directions. So I decided creating maps would be the best way to learn how I could create driving directions. I quickly found that it was not a good source of data for driving directions because it does not contain three important things: exit numbers, one way street indicator, street intersection data. So I stuck with making maps, hopefully for the purpose of showing a user where the vendors are in relation to their address. The maps shown here do not have street labels, which keeps them from becoming cluttered and unreadable. I also worked on methods of improving the map drawing to allow for select street names when many streets are present. When street labels are added, they follow the angle of the street segment.
View Maps in Connecticut:

06183 (Hartford, CT) 1.57MB (2600x1950)
06269 (Storrs, CT) 820KB (2600x1950)
06615 (Stratford, CT) 770KB (2600x1950)
06770 (Naugatuck, CT) 511KB (2600x1950)

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