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Sunday, 31 January 2010 21:20

A long time ago, around 2002, I was working on a C++ project and I was looking for a C++ quick reference. Nothing in depth, but a single sheet of paper that contained all the common c++ syntax. Since I couldn't find anything, I decided to create a C/C++ reference card. Over the years I ended up creating a Chemistry 1, Chemistry 2, and with the help of some other people, PHP and Organic Chemistry cards. I got some ISBNs from lulu.com, printed the cards myself, and sold them on my site (http://gbookcards.com), eBay, and amazon. Unfortunately, the demand was so low for the cards, it wasn't worth it for me to pay Amazon for the right to sell them on their site. So I just let the venture fade away. Perhaps someday I will make the cards open-source and allow people to print the PDFs on demand.

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